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Our company

SPECILUX has been illuminating your light projects for 20 years: lux facit with SPECILUX thanks to concept and production of the illuminants in France with 100% satisfaction:

- total production reliability
- quality control
- customer focus
- delivery reliability

« Made in France »

Our customers

Our illuminants offer illumination especially for the wholesale, chains, franchise companies as well as the hotel and restaurant industry. 

SPECILUX optimises your choice according to the requests for end customers, architects, designers and plumbers thanks to qualified team experience for customised solutions with quality products in accordance with the current technical norms.

Bureau d’études internes

Economy and ecology

SPECILUX is all for sustainable development and environmental protection (see "the environment and us"), thanks to efficient products for the best choice for your needs: LED technology and light engineering offer the most environmentally friendly solutions without energy loss.

SPECILUX by the way illuminates thanks to high flexibility and reactivity as trusted partner on the firmament of illumination for our sustainable relationships.